The aim of NOSTRA is to deliver high quality, well-designed multicentre clinical research. NOSTRA plans to use the surgical collaborative model that has worked well in other regions. You can find our current projects listed below.

Current Projects

We are currently undertaking the following projects:


NOSTRA plan to build a healthy portfolio, and authorship can often become a contentious issue. See here to see how the authorship works for publications gained from collaborative projects


Interested in collaborating with NOSTRA and have your name included as collaborating author in publications? If so, come to our meetings with project ideas.

Once a project is chosen, it is ran by NOSTRA. A local lead for each site will be appointed from those who wants to participate in the North East. Local lead’s roles include:-

  • Recruiting local collaborators

  • Ensuring the project is locally registered appropriately as either a research or an audit

  • Co-ordinating data collection at their site

  • Being responsible for central data submission at the conclusion of the project

The data collection will be guided by both the NOSTRA project lead and the local leads to ensure timely completion of projects.

Information of each project can be found on this website.

Those who contribute to the completion of a project will be recognised by NOSTRA certification and will be named as a collaborating author on subsequent publications from the study.